“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

~ Charles Dickens

Fun Saptah

Kritash organized ‘Fun Saptah’ for the newly come Under Graduates. Three activities were organized for the Freshers.

All the teams brought creativity and a message to everyone’s notice. Supporting LGBTQ, filling world with peace, a life lesson and spreading love in the whole world.
This complete week brought all the students closer and helped making a better friend circle encouraging different skills and spreading awareness.

Heritage Visit

Heritage of place describes the food, geography, culture, and people of  the place. To understand the importance of Heritage and to know more about the history and culture of Jammu City, a visit was organized to Mubarak  Mandi, Jammu. 

Dental Checkups

It is said that oral health is the reflection of your internal health. To  ensure good oral health for the members of the institute, Dental Health Check-up was  organized by KRITASH in association with Medical Team IIT Jammu.   

A Visit to the village

‘For the betterment of society, one needs to understand the  society.’  Under the outreach activity, KRITASH took a group of students to Jagti Village, to study  the problems there and how resources could be best utilized there. Volunteers found that issues related to waste management in the area and proposed a plan to manage it.

Teachers’ Day

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day volunteers of KRITASH presented plants and an annual calendar to the faculty members of the Institute signifying the essence of sharing and caring around the globe.

Nature Walk

It is said that your way of working, behavior, social relationships etc. are all a reflection of your Mental Health. So, with the objective of raising awareness towards Mental Health Issues, KRITASH organized a Nature Walk around the campus.


Share your story of fighting the dark and be a positive ray of light for others in pain. KRITASH organized “Warriors of the Dark”. A place where people shared their stories of how they overcame depression.

Guess Who?

To bring students out of their regular class activity during the online semester, we organized a session full of fun, with a person in disguise yet the most known to participants.

Pragyanam: All India Blog Writing Competition

In order to find the innovative solutions to existing issues in the “Education System”, Blog-Division organized an all India Blog Writing Competition, to find about, “Teaching the Right Way.”

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