Commemorating the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda on National Youth Day, KRITASH IIT Jammu organized a webinar on Inspiring the Youth. Prof. Manoj Singh Gaur (Director IIT Jammu) addressed the students and with the help of the story, asked them to be assertive and not aggressive in day to day dealings. Padma Shri Prof. Bimal Kumar Roy, a well-known statistician and cryptographer, Chairperson of National Statistics Commission, Former Director Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata discussed “The Man Behind Indian Sciences”.
“What Swamiji was looking for from the youth was that as soon as you become successful in your life it’s your duty to change the course of life of at least one more person in the country.”

Appreciating the declaration of  Youth Day, Prof. Roy added that such discussions should also be added in the school curriculums and “beyond the classroom” things to be added for greater exposure and learning.

Student Volunteers Yash, Rishabhdhwaj, Himanshu thanked everyone and especially the Faculty Coordinator, Dr. Suchismita Roy for arranging the session and guiding the team.

KRITASH is a social welfare body of IIT Jammu and aims to work for society, to develop awareness, create hope, help, and to overcome social challenges. “Insights from this event gave us an idea, to organize such events as a part of the beyond the classroom” program”, said Abhishek & Shubham (members at KRITASH).

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