“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

~ Nelson Mandela

The 2017 batch of IIT Jammu, indulged full-fledged in organizing a blood donation camp on 18th November 2017. None even had thought then, that the success of the camp would lead them to the pool of enthusiasm to fight the societal and environmental issues. 

With the idea of spreading hope in the society, Kritash was formed by the students in 2017. The zeal and endeavour of our members are the driving force behind Kritash which keeps it motivated to help the society in all possible ways.

As Chanakya once said and we quote: “An uneducated child will not survive in society, as either other may outcast and kill him or he might destroy society.”

Adhering to the above saying, Kritash took a successful initiative, Aksharshala, with the principle of “Each One, Teach One.” to unveil the education to the children hailing from the underprivileged sections of society such as the kids of the labours and workers in the institute itself. Teaching the kids who never went to school or might have never even heard of it, was a challenge to our volunteers. Still, their zeal to thwart the challenges proved to gather more kids towards Aksharshala.

Initially, we struggled through our days in Aksharshala but the experience that we gained from it never turned futile on the platform to work for the ‘Kashmiri Migrants’.

Currently, a regular 1.5-hour class was arranged for the students from the villages around the institute.   This was for the students for all ages and standards irrespective of their fields.   Students here brushed their concepts and learned new ones. With a   strong team of around   50   volunteers, regular classes and assessments were conducted.


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Hours of Teaching

Online Learning

    Understanding different methods of Vedic Maths to quickly and easily solve long calculations.
    Contains: Squaring Methods | Multiplication Methods

  • All About Nobel Prize Winner – BY ABHISHEK KANDWAL
    Get to know about history and importance of the Nobel Prize.
    Contains: Information about Nobel Prize Winners

  • General Knowledge – BY SHUBHAM GAUR
    Quick information capsules on general science.
    Contains: Solar System | Introduction to Coding | Conservation of Plants & Animals