Spiritualism is Foolism?

2020 is the era of Computer Science, Data, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media,  Followings, Online Shopping, etc. 

Today if a person bows down to God, to Sun, to Moon, or a Tree, then he seemed as Foolish,  illiterate, week, old generation, not smart, workless, jobless, and even out of the planet

But the truth is, in 2020 also we smart humans depend on the Sun – the source of energy; Moon –  balance the aquatic life; Food – the basis of life; Water- 70% of the human body. Bowing down to things because of which we are alive is a Thankful gesture. It doesn’t represent illiteracy or foolishness. Instead, it shows how intelligent one is to accept the truth and respecting its importance. And when you don’t respect or admire something, you don’t take care of it!  Everyday increasing Global warming, Air – Water – Land pollution, Animal Killing, Domestic violence, Rapes, Organ trafficking, etc. shows our respect towards Nature and all its living beings. 

If chanting the name “Shri Ram” cleans my mind from bad things and removes violence from me.  Bowing down to him every day makes my personality kind, calm and love for nature. Remembering him in my difficult time gives me the confidence to fight, taking my fear away. 

If Chanting the name of “Lakshmi Maa” creates enormous respect for all girls and women. As maa present in all women, through her only, we all take birth on this planet and have a chance to eat delicious home-cooked food. 

Spirituality can make a person calm, anger-free, kind, respectful to all living beings. It can motivate  to work hard, be less greedy toward material things, and love for all. 

Then how spiritualism is foolish? 

Scientist says humans are social animals. 

Yes, we are, but unlike animals, humans are gifted with a powerful Brain which has the ability to  think, make their own decisions, and choose what to do or whatnot. 

But such a powerful brain without consciousness can end up whole life chasing pleasure (kaam),  anger (krodh), greed (lobh), and attachment (moh). 

Spirituality can bring consciousness to the human brain and raise you from all these four doshas

We all know the world is becoming more and more rate race. People are running unconsciously for money, fame, relationship, ego, competition, lust, and all. A conscious person knows all these things have no real pleasure and are endless. 

Even sometimes, they are the reason for our unhappiness and many social problems.

Science and Engineering can provide solutions like CCTV, Monitoring systems, Face recognizes,  Judicial court Police stations, Criminal Jails, etc. to our society’s problems. 

But the root solution to many problems is spirituality! 

And spirituality starts when you believe in God. 

When you love him for everything you have. 

Not when you hate or ask him for everything you don’t have. 

And remember, Blind Spirituality is fear from God.

Content Credits: SANKAR BEHERA

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