The lifestyle of humans resembles more like an infinite loop where there’s a start but not an end, people give birth to kids, kids grow to become parents, which goes on and has been going on since time unknown to mankind. Not you, not me is different, we are a part of this cycle.

With the advancement of technology, growing to become an era of robots, where we shall command and AI will have your work done in no time. Then, why isn’t our cycle changing? Why are we stuck in the cycle created by some alien? Why do we accept a rule given by someone who’s most probably dead at this time, ashes buried deep down the earth, not a shred of evidence left?

We say, we rule others and don’t realize how we’re victims of some loop, how is this making us different from the robots, we are being commanded by a departed force? Is it even a force that’s apparently controlling us? Are we all dead from inside? Are we just bodies being pulled by a stupid brain of ours?

Do we take time to look at this loop? No, we’re busy being a part of it, working hard to reach the next part in this cycle. Our life is like the water cycle. I am sure you must be aware of it but has the haste to chase the next level of your life deleted the memory related to the water cycle?


Let me give you a brief description of it. Are you ready to recall it? It’s also called a hydrologic or hydrological cycle. Liquid water, from various water bodies, evaporates into water vapor, which further condenses to form clouds, and precipitates back to earth in the form of rain and snow. Water in different phases moves through the atmosphere (transportation).

We are given birth by our biological parents, then we’re provided with basic needs, safe and secure environment, love, and affection. Our parents try to fulfill all our needs, from basic to the most unrequired needs. We are asked to study and get a good score in return. Of course, this criterion isn’t met by all the kids, not all the kids are privileged enough to get the common basic needs. After completing our studies, we’re asked to become “atmanirbhar” by getting a job that pays a salary enough to satiate your needs. Later, you see your needs much more than just in you, you need another person to keep you sane which over time, makes you create a new life, maybe many, not just ending at one, thereby, passing on the loop you’ve followed until now to your offsprings and taking up the role of your parents and striving to maintain it.

We are always competing, always striving, always busy, always following, always running, always wasting time to keep the loop going just to be forgotten in the sands of time.


PUBLISHED WORK: Stages of Love: Love is a Sweet Fantasy

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